Wednesday, 4 September 2013

HM's Dream (prepared in response to the Ars Electronica Festival: Total Recall)

HM's Dream (2013), 4 minutes and 37 seconds.

If the video doesnt want to play you can find on youtube here.

HM's Dream is a short video prepared in response to the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austia (5-9 September, 2013). The festival, Total Recall, is about memory.  Hence the piece plays on the idea of Henry Molaison's (HM's) dream which he refers to in the quote:

"Right now I'm wondering if I have said or done anything amiss. You see, at this moment, everything looks clear to me, but what happened just before, that's what worries me.  It's like waking from a dream I just don't remember"

You see Henry Molaison, the most famous patient in neuroscience (Patient HM) could not form long term memories. The Golden Record aboard the Voyager space probe, is (at this moment) the only record of the existence of mankind that will outlive mankind and the solar system. Everything else is just Henry's dream. Something to be experienced but not set to last.

The video uses stills from the Golden Record along with twelve composite images prepared for the project.  These are combined with images of Henry's Brain and of memory neurons. The underlying image is of the star field (in constellation Ophiuchus)  where Voyager is at present.  This picture was taken with the help of the Nordic Optical Telescope in October 2012.  A last picture of Voyager on the day the BBC reported it had left the solar system.  A huge debt to Supersimmetria's documentary (Voyager). The project uses processed video and audio from that project which itself uses footage from the Voyager project.  Other audio is taken from NASA Voyager Space Sounds releases (Symphonies of the Planets - Jupiter). These are mixed in Resolume Arena. Live improvised performances of the piece use the Korg Monotribe Analogue Ribbon Station (v2) to trigger and overlay sounds.

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